Systalex is proud to serve the federal government, helping both civilian and defense agencies more effectively access and share information across their enterprise. Since our founding in 1993 with four consultants providing IT support services to the Department of Commerce, Systalex has grown into a comprehensive IT services provider, with over 60 professionals delivering information management and financial management services to over a dozen federal agencies and offices throughout the country.

Select past and present clients include:

Department of Commerce

“Systalex knows our systems inside and out, and is incredibly responsive when new needs arise.”

– Project Manager, DoC, Bureau of the Census

Systalex has supported the Department of Commerce (DoC) for more than a decade, helping maintain and upgrade its enterprise financial systems as well as providing information management (IT) and financial operations support. Over the past several years, DoC has replaced its legacy financial systems with a modern integrated financial management system, and is in the midst of replacing legacy business systems with eGov supported systems that will be integrated with the financial system.

Systalex supports the DoC business systems, which handle the flow of financial and operation information including procurements, contracts, purchase orders, payments, and other business functions from its headquarters and its associated bureaus, including:

Systalex manages and executes tasks at NIST in the areas of project management, production systems DBA support, property systems DBA support, portal applications development, portal testing, Customer Interaction Center (CIC) help desk support, CORE Financial Systems (CFS) code testing, web migration, and server consolidation.

Systalex provides NOAA and Census with functional and technical expertise on all Core Financial and Enterprise Business Solutions (CFEBS) modules and feeder systems, including software maintenance and enhancement support for the CFEBS applications, feeder systems and associated interfaces, and technical architecture support. At Census, Systalex also delivers Oracle database administration support, tiers 1 and 2 help desk support, Census-specific testing, regression testing, and business analysis. At NOAA, our support includes central data warehouse support for the DoC-provided and NOAA-developed data warehouse, client outreach and integrated client services support, database administration and UNIX systems administration for the application and development/testing environments, systems integrity testing, and a single focal point for interfacing with CSC.

Systalex is helping the CSC achieve its goal of enhancing financial management in the Department of Commerce through the successful operations, maintenance, and continuous improvement of the Commerce Business Systems (CBS).

Environmental Protection Agency

“Systalex has been incredibly intuitive at identifying our needs and presenting clear, cogent approaches to solving each challenge before issues arise.”

– Project Manager, EPA, Office of Water

“Systalex’s knowledge of information management and Oracle is impressive, which has made for an extremely smooth and easy transition to the upgraded system.”

– EPA OAM Tech Lead

Systalex has been serving the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since 2004; upgrading the Grant Reporting & Tracking System (GRTS) for the Office of Water; enhancing and supporting database capabilities at the Office of Acquisition Management; and developing, enhancing, and maintaining an Oracle-based web services infrastructure for the Office of Air Quality, among other engagements.

Systalex continues to provide exceptional Oracle-based technical expertise, proven program management capabilities and in-depth knowledge of the EPA’s business and systems. The Systalex GSA Schedule, 8(a) certification and CMMI Level 2 Rating provides the EPA with the ability to easily satisfy its information management needs.

Systalex delivers the following services to these EPA offices:

Office of Acquisition Management

Office of Pesticide Programs

Office of Water

Office of Air Quality

United States Marine Corps

“Systalex is always ahead of the curve, identifying our needs, offering solutions and implementing them flawlessly.”

– Director, AC/S Logistics, USMC

Systalex supports the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, Logistics (AC/S Logistics) at Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California. AC/S Logistics provides a variety of logistical support services through each of its Regional Contracting Offices – Southwest, Traffic Management Office, Consolidated Material and Services Center (CMSC), and Southwest Region Fleet Transportation. These divisions have undergone significant changes to their IT infrastructure due to Navy and Marine Corps executive decisions, the implementation of the Navy Marine Corps Internet (NMCI), Information Assurance directives from DoD/CIO, and the regionalization of their support and customer base.

Systalex enables AC/S Logistics to meet these challenges and create a vision for the future through the use of technology. Systalex is facilitating and building on this vision by creating an AC/S Logistics Departmental Portal to provide a central point for all data entry and customer needs, to increase efficiencies and decrease errors through automation of manual processes, and to serve as a knowledge management system for its users. This new portal presents the Marine Corps with a completely original, more efficient and cost effective means of managing their logistical data.

In addition, Systalex maintains AC/S Logistics’ Consolidated Material Support Center's (CMSC) Real Time Inventory and Sales (RTI) tracking system, which manages the CMSC retail operation at Camp Pendleton and the Western Region. This retail system serves as a Base ‘store’ for office supplies, miscellaneous hardware, hazardous material, and other supply items not normally part of equipment-type supplies (tanks, guns, etc.).

United States Postal Service

Systalex, in partnership with Hewlett Packard, supported the migration of several US Postal Service applications to an Oracle platform as part of the Postal Service’s PostalOne! System.  Systalex provided leadership in the design, development, and testing of key applications and reports processes.  In addition, Systalex supported the administration and management of Oracle International Application Server Version 91.

Department of the Interior

Systalex provided IT support services to the Department of Interior’s National Park Service (NPS), Park Facility Management Division. The Park Facility Management Division oversees an adverse and complex set of assets that range from roads, trails, buildings, and utilities to maintained landscapes, monuments, and fortifications throughout the Unites States and Territories.  The division facilitates collaboration and communication amongst its staff, contractors and partners, and NPS Facility Management customers who are located nationwide.