Not Taking Advantage of the Latest Location and Web 2.0 Technology?
Go Systalex.

Systalex knows geospatial and web development. We can help you take advantage of the spatial capability embedded in your database and deploy dynamic web frontends to help your users easily and flexibly tap enterprise data resources:

Geospatial Application Development

  • Spatial Development for Oracle
    If you have Oracle, you have a spatial database. Systalex can help you take advantage of it by helping you geocode address data, generate spatial data models, optimize spatial queries and indexes, and use Oracle's powerful embedded spatial analysis functions.
  • Lightweight Web Mapping APIs
    Commercial web mapping APIs such as Microsoft Virtual Earth, Google Maps, and Yahoo! Maps and open source APIs like OpenLayers are the perfect frontends for quick and easy geographic data display on the web. Tie one of these to a spatial database and you have a ready-made solution that can be embedded in a website or enterprise web application.

    Systalex can help you put the pieces together. Here are two examples of how we used Microsoft Virtual Earth to help users explore data in a project management application for U.S. EPA and directly submit geographic project boundary data to an Oracle database without a heavyweight GIS implementation.

    Demo 1: Project Navigation Map    Demo 2: Sketching Map
  • ArcGIS Development
    We can help you make the most of your ESRI investment by developing desktop applications for ArcGIS, planning and implementing an ArcGIS Server deployment, and developing custom web applications based on ArcGIS Server's Java and .NET APIs.
  • Enterprise GIS Systems Integration
    Systalex staff have in-depth experience providing systems integration consulting for enterprise GIS implementations. We can help plan, develop, and deploy an organizational solution that avoids the problem of spatial "data silos" - spatial data and mapping applications that are walled off from the rest of the enterprise by specialists and specialist technology.

Enterprise Web Development

  • Responsive, data-rich web applications
    We use AJAX (the same technology behind GMail and Google Maps) to create truly interactive web frontends for database systems. Our goal is to create interfaces in which users can explore and understand enterprise data creatively and analytically, and make better decisions because of it.
  • Oracle Application Express
    Systalex has deep experience with Oracle Application Express (APEX), a rapid application development tool that allows us to quickly generate a web UI for Oracle database systems. APEX runs inside the Oracle database, so there is no middleware overhead.
  • Java Enterprise Development
    Systalex software engineers have extensive Java EE and J2EE development experience. We can support implementations based on all major frameworks and specifications, including EJB 3.0, Struts, and Spring. We specialize in integrating AJAX with Java EE applications using DWR and other Java AJAX technologies. We can help design, develop, manage, deploy, and maintain Java EE applications in any application server environment.


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Systalex Capabilities

Oracle Services
Systalex possesses a long standing and deep relationship with Oracle, illustrated by our extensive capabilities delivering and servicing Oracle products. No small business can match Systalex’s Oracle expertise, and no large firm can match our flexibility and value.


Software Services
Systalex professionals average over a decade of experience to ensure you receive the ideal software service solution for your needs. From enterprise architecture and web applications to portals and database design, Systalex posesses the expertise you need quickly and easily.


Data Management Services
Systalex, through our strong partner relationships with data management firms such as Oracle and Business Objects, delivers the experience and sophistication of the big firms with the flexibility and responsiveness only a small business can provide.   


General Information Management Services
Systalex professionals are information management experts, capable of guiding you through and delivering on all your information management needs, from training and regulatory compliance to business intelligence and maintenance support.