Information and Data Issues Getting You Frustrated?
Go Systalex.

Federal agencies are constantly being asked to accomplish more in less time, all while working under ever more rigorous budget constraints and regulatory policies. In addition, in an age of rapidly developing technology, it is imperative to stay at the forefront in order to accomplish your goals. With potentially dozens of disparate program information and financial systems containing large quantities of complex information, how can agency CIOs and Program Managers stay current, manage their data, and accomplish their missions?

Enter Systalex Corporation.

From extending the life of legacy systems and managing ever-growing amounts of data, to integrating disparate systems and meeting the government’s regulatory and management reporting requirements, your information management challenges are expansive and complex. To allow you to concentrate on your overall goals and work more efficiently, Systalex offers a highly qualified team of information technology experts who have a track record of excellence. By combining their knowledge of your information technology requirements and the latest program and financial management resources, Systalex offers comprehensive information management service solutions that meet the precise requirements of Program Managers, as well as the demands of both CFOs and CIOs.

Systalex delivers the finest information management services to our customers in the government marketplace. With our extensive Oracle relationship, intuitive and creative staff, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Systalex works in partnership with our customers as consultants, not simply technology providers. Our experience and sophistication goes beyond the normal small business serving the government today, while our size allows us to provide the flexibility, responsiveness, and nimbleness that the big boys can’t touch.

Let Systalex prove our value to you.

Systalex Capabilities

Oracle Services
Systalex possesses a long standing and deep relationship with Oracle, illustrated by our extensive capabilities delivering and servicing Oracle products. No small business can match Systalex’s Oracle expertise, and no large firm can match our flexibility and value.


Software Services
Systalex professionals average over a decade of experience to ensure you receive the ideal software service solution for your needs. From enterprise architecture and web applications to portals and database design, Systalex posesses the expertise you need quickly and easily.


Data Management Services
Systalex, through our strong partner relationships with data management firms such as Oracle and Business Objects, delivers the experience and sophistication of the big firms with the flexibility and responsiveness only a small business can provide.   


General Information Management Services
Systalex professionals are information management experts, capable of guiding you through and delivering on all your information management needs, from training and regulatory compliance to business intelligence and maintenance support.