Federal Financial Management a Challenge to Manage?
Go Systalex.

It seems that not a day goes by that Congress, the Treasury, or OMB neglects to add more challenges for their federal financial managers. Be it more complex reporting requirements, new earned value management system goals and conditions, or quarterly financial statements rather than annual, federal financial managers are hard pressed to stay ahead of the curve. As a financial manager, how can you continue to succeed in such an environment?

Enter Systalex Corporation.

Systalex has the personnel and expertise to assist government agencies, contractors, and commercial entities in meeting their federal financial management needs. With more than 10 years of hands-on functional and technical expertise working with Federal agencies to improve their financial management systems, few firms have the depth of experience and track record in successful government accounting and financial management integration as Systalex. We help our federal financial clients meet their challenges by combining our extensive and sophisticated financial management and information technology resources to offer services that meet the specific needs of CFOs and CIOs.

Systalex delivers the finest information management services to our customers in the government marketplace. With our extensive Oracle relationship, intuitive and creative staff, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Systalex works in partnership with our customers as consultants, not simply technology providers. Our experience and sophistication goes beyond the normal small business serving the government today, while our size allows us to provide the flexibility, responsiveness, and nimbleness that the big boys can’t touch.

Let Systalex prove our value to you.

Systalex Capabilities

Financial Analysis Services
From budget analysis, formulation, and execution to accounting support, business intelligence, and training, Systalex has the expertise to ensure your financial management department is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.


System Implementation Services
Systalex professionals average over a decade of experience developing and implementing financial systems. From data conversion and business process optimization to eTravel management and eBusiness systems, Systalex has the offerings and capabilities customized to meet your needs.


Operations & Management Services
With broad systems experience and a deep understanding of the federal financial management landscape, Systalex is ideally suited to delivering the operations and management support you need to keep your financial management systems working as reliably and successfully as possible.